LOT 13


Moritz Grossmann presents a double lot, linking contemporary design with heritage.


Firstly, in homage to our roots, we offer an original Moritz Grossmann pocket-watch from our private collection.

Made around 1875, this piece showcases Glashütte’s history.  Moritz Grossmann signature features such as chatoned movement, chronometer balance with diamond endstone, 16-tooth escape wheel, Grossmann handsetting rocker, Maltese cross stopwork on mainspring barrel make it a collectors’ item.


Secondly, we have crafted its twin.  An enamel dial and blue-steel poire hands to match the original are fitted in a rose gold ATUM case with our calibre 100.1 movement – designed and built in-house meeting Moritz Grossmann’s passion for simple precision. It includes the Grossmann balance, modified Glashütte stopwork and pillar movement reminiscent of traditional pocket chronometers. Contemporary styling, a historic face and our impeccable hand-made finish creates a watch to tell a story as well as tell the time. 



A pilgrimage for collectors:  accept an invitation to visit the legendary town of Glashütte as our guest.

Stay overnight and dine with us in Dresden, then spend the next day in Saxony.  Tour the amazing museum that once housed the German School of Watchmaking, established by Moritz Grossmann in 1878.  Witness the incredible care we take to hand-make our pieces today.  Appreciate our collection.  And understand the spirit –traditional and contemporary – that we put into every piece, each day.  





Model name:

ATUM <Homage>



Rose Gold (ATUM wrist watch)

Yellow Gold ( pocket watch)



Unique enamel grand-feu dial to match original



Calibre 100.1



Black Alligator



41mm diameter case, 11.35mm thickness.



Unique enamel grand-feu dial and blue steel poire hands to twin with antique Moritz Grossmann pocket watch.  Engraved on rear 1 / 1. 



CHF 40,000 - 60,000

36,000 - 55,000 €

41,000 - 62,000 $

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