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MCT Watches is pleased to be able to combine both creativity and expertise to stand for a specific cause.

Representing  an authentic  scientific  revolution,  Vantablack  is  composed  of  carbon nanotubes  measuring  one  millionth  of  a  millimeter  thick  each  and  capable  of absorbing 99.965 per cent of the light they receive.

Used on the back dial as well  as on one end  of the  minutes  hand,  shaped  like  a  small  moon,  Vantablack reveals its incredible properties. The movement appears to be suspended in mid-air, while  the  small  moon  appears  and  disappears as  if  by  magic  during  its  rotation around the dial.

Derived from the Sequential Two –S200, this only Watch limited edition is equipped with the original automatic Manufacture movement with its 507 components including 85 jewels, as well as the brand’s sequential display of the hours on prisms. The  case  of  the  Sequential  One –S200  Vantablack  is  forged  from black  DLC-coated gold. Each watch is signed by Anish Kapoor.

“MCT Watches is pleased to be able to combine both creativity and expertise to take a stand for a good cause.” CEO, Pierre Jacques.



The S200 Vantablack stems from an encounter between Anish Kapoor and MCT Watches starring this high-tech material with its extremely strange properties.

For several months, MCT Watches worked hand in hand with the artist in order to give shape to a mysterious and fascinating watch.


Initially developed for the military and aerospace industry, Vantablack soon caught Anish Kapoor’s interest.  As the artist explains, “it’s the blackest material in the universe, after a black hole; a physical object that is impossible to see”. “When we found out about Vantablack, we were instantly spell bound by the unreal beauty, the depth and the dizzying power of the effect it creates.” said Pierre Jacques, CEO of MCT Watches.





RD46 S200 VANTA 02


Model name:


S200 Vantablack



Gold, DLC coating




It absorbs 99, 96% of the light, which makes it the blackest material in the Universe after the black hole.



S2, automatic movement



Alligator leather



46mm diameter



Unique, developed in collaboration with Anish Kapoor



CHF 70,000 - 120,000

65,000 - 110,000 €

72,000 - 124,000 $

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