BOVET 1822

LOT 42


The house of BOVET has been a leading name in watchmaking for 195 years thanks to its mastery of the decorative arts. The miniature paintings adorning the pocket watches manufactured by the BOVET brothers are omnipresent in watchmaking and art museums worldwide. 

Yet traditional craftsmanship does not preclude innovation, as nobly illustrated by the technicality applied to the creation of this timepiece dial. The Geisha hand-painted on the dial of this timepiece combines different layers of traditional painting and Super-LumiNova®, rendering this miniature work of art, affixed to mother-of-pearl, visible both by day and by night.


For Only Watch, the artisans at BOVET 1822 have gone even further, as the Geisha bares all when night falls. This unprecedented innovation in watchmaking makes the link between the traditional enamelwork that established the House's reputation in the 19th century and the erotic watches of the same period. 



Mr Pascal Raffy has the pleasure to invite the acquirer of the timepiece to the Artists for Peace and Justice Gala dinner (for two people) « Brilliant is Beautiful », which will take place on December 1, 2017, in London. The charity supported by Pascal Raffy and BOVET 1822 will be represented by its founder, film director Paul Haggis and by Mrs Elisabeth Hurley. They will be supported by numerous celebrities gathered around a dinner prepared by the Chef to her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom. This invitation also includes one hotel night.​





Model name:

Secret Beauty for Only Watch



18K white gold



White mother-of-pearl dial with luminescent miniature painting of a Geisha



Automatic Haute Horlogerie movement

Caliber 11BA15



Full skin alligator




Thickness (with glasses): 9.00mm 

Thickness (without glasses) 7.70mm


Specificities (one-off model):

Luminescent miniature painting of a Geisha. The miniature painting is visible both by day and by night; also the motif that appears after dark is different from the one visible by day.



CHF 55,000 - 60,000

50,000 - 55,000 €

57,000 - 62,000 $

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